November 30, 2017

Sprint: How to use cash!

We are starting a new feature of The Saver and The Spender.  We are calling them "Sprints" and they are quick one topic episodes that will give you a lot of information in a short period of time.  Our podcasts can be 60 minutes and some people enjoy that length and some people are in the mood for something a little shorter.  We hope you enjoy the first sprint and if you have any ideas for a future Sprint episode please let us know.

In today's Sprint episode we highlight how we have clients use cash for day to day spending.  There are a lot of methods for using cash and they work for some people.  We feel like using cash should not be restricting.  When you use cash you should feel like you can see your money clearly, you aren't guessing with how much you have to spend, you have a clear budget and you have a boundary that is actually very freeing. 

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