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Personal Trainers, studio owners and other fitness enthusiasts listen up! You have a plan for your training. You have a plan for your nutrition. And you may even be helping your own clients plan for those things too. 

What if I told you that all those same skills can be used to create a plan for your money too? 

We’re your hosts Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel. We are financial coaches who have helped thousands of fitness-obsessed individuals just like you to stop winging it financially, to get on a plan, get ahead and learn how to spend with confidence. 

We are on a mission to take the stress out of money in our world. If you love having a plan for your fitness goals and want that same confidence for your finances… it’s time to make that happen. We will share easy, practical and smart strategies to help you save money, payoff debt, spend mindfully, make more money and gain control of your finances.

Even better - we’ll make sure every financial strategy we share tracks back to the fitness strategies you’re already familiar with. 

It’s time to Flex your muscles baby, because you are about to get financially strong.

How financial coaching finally helped this couple see eye to eye on their finances

How Financial Coaching Helped this Couple Get and Finally Stay Ahead

The budget you have today is not meant to be permanent. It can and will change. Furthermore, it should change. Your budget is a living document. So instead of trying to squeeze into it like a pair of jeans that no longer fits, give yourself some breathing room and create the budget you need to match your life as it is now. Listen to this podcast to learn about the four signs you budget is no longer working for you and how to create one that does.

A caretaker is someone who uses their time, money, or energy to assist their immediate family members, friends, or colleagues. 

  • Are you always stepping up to meet the needs of those around you? 
  • Do you support a spouse or partner by working a lot or in a job you don’t enjoy so they can pursue a hobby or dream job?
  • If you ask yourself often, but “What would they do without me?”

If so, you may fall pretty high on the spectrum of caretaker tendencies. 

As financial coaches, we sometimes have to coach our clients to balance their caretaker tendencies with taking care of themselves and their own finances. We support people to give, but in ways that don’t cause stress on their health or finances.  

In this episodes of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, learn:

  • What care taker tendencies are
  • How they show up
  • How to balance the need and desire to help with your own financial goals
  • Ways to flex your non-caretaker muscles

If you have kids, usually it’s not a matter of to Disney or not – it’s a matter of when. Whether you’ve never been to Disney or make it an annual pilgrimage like our very own Coach Jaclyn, this episode is for you. We brought in an expert to talk about ways to plan and budget for your perfect Disney vacation.

We chatted with Stacy Ellis, a travel advisor for Key to the World Travel, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. She’s been to Disney more than 16 times and loves helping families and Disney loving couples plan their best Disney trip.

In this episode, we discuss with Stacy:

  • The average cost for a family of four to Disneyland and Disney World
  • Figuring out your ideal Disney trip (everyone does Disney different)
  • Off season vs. peak season costs
  • How to plan in order to not blow your Disney budget
  • Staying on a Disney property to not
  • Planning decisions (what to pack, what to eat, what add-ons to buy)
  • Tips for doing Disney with little kids (Did you know kids under 3 are free?!?)

Stacy’s biggest and best piece of Disney travel advice for people with kids: Don’t wait until they are older. Take the trip as soon as you can and enjoy every moment.

When it comes to bodybuilding and wealth building there is one thing that seems to be very true: Once you build the foundation, it’s pretty easy to maintain. Unfortunately building that strong foundation is what keeps so many of us held back. We face a long list of challenges, including:

  • Too many choices/options and trying to decide which is right for you 
  • Decision fatigue
  • Trying to use an app when it’s not built for your unique scenario or needs 
  • Lack of accountability
  • No ability to ask questions or troubleshoot as you go
  • Sustainability/Consistency over speed
  • Seeing it as a lifestyle vs a finite goal with an end date (this is a lifelong endeavor)

If you follow Coach Jill’s instagram feed, you know she’s no stranger to the gym. Despite suffering a debilitating back injury years ago, Jill recommitted to her fitness in a big way in 2020 and has turned that 2020 motivation into a life-changing and life altering way of looking at her health and fitness.


Resources / links related to topic / mentioned in podcast:

In this episode of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Coach Jaclyn interviews Coach Jill, who is a mom of two, all about kids and money. They discuss at what age to introduce debit cards, how much you should spend on daycare, and how much allowance you should give and how it should be given or earned. Jill also admits that at one point when her two boys were young she was paying $20,000/year for childcare. It gets better parents of young kids!


Extra Resources for Kids and Money:

Do you ever feel urgency or stress around this idea of "I need to make my money work harder for me!". If so, this one's for YOU!

“I want my money to be working for me”. This is something we hear from people who reach out to us all the time. When we ask clients what their goals are, so many of them will tell us they want their money to be working for them. They want to be doing MORE with their money. They want to make sure they are making the best decisions with their money, etc.

And I love this! These are all great things! But one thing I often sense is that they are feeling some urgency or stress around this idea of making their money “work” for them. This is usually the way of framing that they want their money invested and earning compound interest. You know - earn money while you sleep sort of thing, right?! Which of course is a beautiful thing.

But what I want to talk about today is that there are many other ways that you can get your money working and none of them have to do with investing. In fact, I would argue that many of these things should be in place before you start investing, or before you put that PRESSURE on yourself to PUSH to invest more aggressively.

Main takeaways from this episode:

  • Before you start putting this pressure on yourself to make your money be “working harder for you”, make sure it is all working smoothly to begin with.
  • What you do financially should feel easy, predictable and boring. If you do not feel this way (yet!), then release this pressure you are placing on yourself and work to build a strong foundation first.
  • The things we do with our money shouldn't feel like a race or a sprint to the finish line. What we do financially is a marathon. It is something that should feel sustainable. Steady. Something we can do for LIFE.


Do you have big goals for 2021?

As we head into the new year, so many of us are setting different goals for the year. We created a free download (click here to download) to support you throughout 2021 so that you can stay present and focused to your goals all year long.

In this episode you will learn...

  • How to set a SMART financial goal
  • How to challenge yourself with Good, Better, and Best goals
  • How to track your 2021 goal progress with our freebie: 2021 Goal Tracker


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