November 15, 2021

S2 Episode 6: Practice What You Preach

We know you are already doing great things with your fitness and nutrition. The habits you have built in your daily life around your training are going to be so helpful for you to use in your financial life as well.

Think about the regular habits you use every day that got you to where you are.

  • You plan your nutrition.
  • You plan your training.
  • You plan your check-ins.
  • You track your metrics.
  • You set goals for yourself, both short and long-term.

You know as long as you’re sticking to your plan, you will get the results you want. The same is true for your money. Yes, in both fitness and finance, it is that simple. Once you have the plan you simply need to execute it. 


In this episode of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, financial coaches and fitness enthusiasts Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel talk about how you can take all these same fitness habits and apply them to how you manage your money. 


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