November 15, 2021

S2 Episode 12: Journey & Support

In this final episode of this season of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast, we want to push you a little harder. If you’ve stuck with coach Kelsa and Coach Jill for this long, chances are something has resonated with you. We want to know, what are you going to do to achieve fiscal fitness?


We want to hear the first step you’re committed to taking with your money. Drop us a DM on Instagram at @fiscalfitnessphx. 


Throughout this season, your hosts and financial coaches Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel have demonstrated the three stages of becoming good with money - plan maker, goal maker, and dream maker. Now you have the awareness that those are the steps you need to take.


But it doesn’t happen by remaining passive. Our clients are all smart, successful people. The difference is that they've taken action. In this episode, we challenge you to get invested and learn about two ways we can help you start your plan maker journey. 


What will you do with this new knowledge and the seed that has been planted? We hope that through listening to this season you can feel the burning in your belly, the desire in your heart and that you KNOW more is possible for you. We are here to help. We want you to bring your dream into reality. To live your life on purpose. On your terms. To do the things you love. To make the impact you want to make. NOW is the time. NOW is your shot. 


If you're ready, join us at The time to get financially strong is now.


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