November 15, 2021

S2 Episode 10: Becoming A Dream Maker

If you're just joining us now, don't skip the previous episodes! Go back to Episodes 8 and 9 and make sure you understand the Plan Maker and Goal Maker steps first.


Once you've established yourself as a Plan Maker and Goal Maker, a big sign of being a Dream Maker is that you don't feel tempted. You don't fall into comparisonitis about what others are doing with their money. If you're coach Jill, you don't feel pressured to buy a Peleton bike. 


Dream Makers feel wealthy because they understand what wealth means to them. A Dream Maker isn’t tempted by the latest craze because their money goes to what they value - not what others value. 


In this episode, financial coaches and fitness enthusiasts Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel talk about how to start dreaming big again and tips for working toward your dreams. 


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