July 19, 2019

Episode 61: Finance and Fitness - here are the top 10 traits that will make you successful in both!

Over the years financial coach Jill Emanuel has noticed that the great majority (80%!!!) of our one on one financial coaching clients clients are focused on their health as well as their finances. This fact got her wondering if there were certain personality traits that these people possessed that made them more likely to be successful in both. She has identified 10 traits that she sees time and time again in the clients we work with, that makes them people who are highly likely to be successful with their finances AND with their health.

Here are Jill's top 10 traits of people successful with both their finances and health:

  1. They believe things (they) can be/do better.
  2. They are OK with being temporarily uncomfortable for the greater good
  3. They ask questions and seek advice and guidance from others who are successful at the things they want to be successful at 
  4. They know their numbers. 
  5. They abandon the ALL or NOTHING mentality. 
  6. They are open minded to trying new things.
  7. They are focused on a specific goal. 
  8. They create a plan and stick to it.
  9. They find a support system. 
  10. They celebrate their wins.  

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