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The Saver and The Spender is a weekly podcast about money, saving, budgeting and debt from both perspectives.

January 5, 2019

Episode 49: New Year’s Resolutions super episode or: how to stop worrying and love your finances

There comes a point where most everyone gets fed up with their financial situation.  They keep over-drafting their checking account (like Michael did in grad school) or they just can't believe the amount of debt they are in and want it out of their life.  Or really any number of things.  

This episode was recorded on January 4th so if you have a new year's resolution to get your finances in order, get on a budget, get out of debt or beef up your savings, this is the episode for you!  If you have had that watershed moment when you realize your finances have stressed you out for too long and want to know where to start, this is the episode for you!

We go through, step by step, how you start to address your finances when you can't take anymore. We also talk about what people typically do and why it sets them up for failure 85% of the time!

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